About us

The first encounter

During a visit to family in Taiwan, I stumbled upon a bright, colorful Pintoo jigsaw puzzles store. The puzzles were vibrant and unique and I immediately became a lifelong fan. I bought as many puzzles as I could fit into my suitcase, and resolved to go on a shopping spree in the store on every future Taiwan-trips.

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan another visit for about 10 years. When I finally committed to a visit in 2020, my plans were cancelled due to a pandemic. I couldn’t wait any longer for my Pintoo fix, and immediately researched European stores that carry Pintoo.

The search

I only found one store that still had Pintoo in stock – the awesome Doctor Panush, but they didn’t ship to Denmark. I fired off two emails that day – one asking if they could please add Denmark to the list of countries they’d deliver to, and one to Pintoo in Taiwan to see if I could become an importer. Doctor Panush was nice enough to ship to me, and Pintoo approved my application to import their puzzles myself!

Their catalogue is amazing – I ordered everything that I wanted for myself. I assume if I love it, someone else would love it, too. Between the adorable miniature puzzles that come with a display stand, to the vibrant (and spinnable) 3D globe, how can you not be a fan?! Plus, I’m supporting a fantastic Taiwan-based company – it’s just icing on the delectable cake that is Pintoo jigsaw puzzles.

The dream

My goal with this business is to create more Pintoo fans, increasing demand for their one-of-a-kind puzzles, so that large Danish distributers will start carrying the brand and sell to a wider audience. Everywhere you can buy jigsaw puzzles – book stores, game stores, supermarkets, and more – you will be able to find Pintoo prominently displayed and available to purchase.

  • Vintage Style Map, Pintoo Taiwan Canvas jigsaw puzzle
  • Beautiful Paris, Pintoo Taiwan Canvas jigsaw puzzle
  • Neuschwantstein Castle, Pintoo Taiwan Canvas jigsaw puzzle
  • SMART, Pintoo Taiwan jigsaw puzzle cover
  • Thank You, Pintoo Taiwan jigsaw puzzle card
  • Lovely Reindeers, Pintoo Taiwan jigsaw puzzle card
  • Happiness Cafe, Pintoo Taiwan jigsaw puzzle with foldable hinges
  • Succulent Wall, Pintoo Taiwan XS jigsaw puzzle
  • The Fairytale Castle, Pintoo Taiwan XS jigsaw puzzle
  • Close Up of Tiger, Pintoo Taiwan XS jigsaw puzzle